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Team Rules and Expectations

A violation or repeated violation of the rules below will result in dismissal from the Track team:
1) Attendance:  This is mandatory. You must be on time, ready to practice and compete.


a) If you are going to miss a practice or be late you must have a note why you missed or why you are late.
b) If you miss a practice without telling the coaches, you will have to explain why to the coach.
c) Missing two practices may result in having you sit out of a meet and or being removed from the team.
d) If you miss three in a row or have a habit of missing practice on a regular basis you will be removed from the team.
e) Practice is only 1 hour and 30 minutes long.


a) If you are going to miss a meet please inform the coaching staff ahead of time.
b) If you miss a meet without any communication with the coaching staff you will be removed from the team.
c)  If an athlete is absent from school they are NOT eligible to participate in practice or in a meet on that day they were absent.

2) Penfield Athletics comes first:  If you are playing another sport and that sport interferes with your practice or competition you will have to make a decision on which team you would like to play for.

3) Cell phones: Although importatn; athletes are not to have cell phones in their possession while practicing; this becomes a distraction to your training.  

4) Respect: All athletes are expected to show respect to their coaches and teammates at all times.

5) The Bus: Athletes are required to ride the bus to the meet and back to school.  If a student chooses to go home with their parent they must provide a note and speak with a coach before the go home.
***Only you may go home with your parents and NO ONE ELSE may join you, even if the parents have an agreement. This is school policy.

6) Sportsmanship and Pride: You will set the best possible example at all times.
            - This means in your attitude, behavior, language, and actions.
            - This means in school, in the classroom, on the field, on the bus, and at another school.
            - Our athletes are expected to display good sportsmanship at all times.

7) Team: All athletes will come to practice faithfully and complete assigned daily team workouts in a conscientious manner: if an athlete’s effort is undermining team morale, he or she may be removed from the team.

8) Code of Conduct: All athletes are expected to follow the school’s code of conduct.

9) Multiple Events: Athletes expected to compete in the events assigned to them and athletes will be expected to train for multiple events.

10) Drinks: There are many choices for you to choose from good and bad,
The Good     Water – this is the best as it has many benefits to performance and recovery.
Milk – this is good as it will help in keeping bones strength and development in check as well as the other positive effects.
Fruit Juices – these are good as well if they are 100% fruit juice, as they provide the body with need vitamins and sugars.
Gatorade or PowerAde - good for recovery, but they contain high levels of sugar, It is recommended that you cut the drink in half with water.
The Bad        Alcohol – this is against school policy and will get you removed from the team if you are using. This is a drug, it will hurt your performance and your mental capabilities, and there are no positives outcomes to this drink, only negative outcomes.
Energy Drinks – these are no good. They only slow down your ability to perform at a higher level.
Coffees – can be considered in the energy drinks categories. You need to know what you are putting in these drinks and the calorie intake of a cup.
Pop/Soda – these are bad for the amount of sugar intake and or the amount carbonation present in a can.  Diet pop is just as bad because of the chemicals present.

11) Sleep: It is very important that you get enough sleep each night. Recent studies show that athletes who receive a good night sleep (8 hours) have an increase in performance in practice and in competition physically and mentally than those who do not   get enough sleep.

12) Physical Education: If student athlete does not dress for or participate in P.E. they will not be allowed to practice or compete that day.

13) Before You’re First Meet: Practices - All athletes need 10 practices completed before they can enter their first competition.
Shoes – Proper running shoes is a must. A good pair of trainers and or a pair of racing spikes will be good. See the coaching staff about the racing spikes if you have questions.

** (racing flats for indoor must have NO hard plastic bottom or spikes)**

Clothing – 90% of our training will be outdoors so bring the appropriate clothing. I would recommend that you always have an extra pair of socks in your locker or bag.
Watches – a good watch that can keep splits is essential to your training, but not required.

14) Weight Room: We will be using the weight room; it is school policy that you have a pair of shoes that are dry and clean.  You will not be able to go into the weight room if you have been outside training and your shoes are wet.

15) Swimming: one of the coaches will be taking up to 5 athletes at a time to the run in the swimming pool. We have to remember that we are guest in the pool during the season and must respect all swimmers request.  Athletes will be told ahead of time when they will go to the pool.

16) Academic Eligibility:  If you are on Probation you may practice and compete, and you should be in contact with your teacher if makeup work or get help.
                                              If you are Ineligible you may practice only. NOTE you cannot compete or be at the contest with the team. This is a school district policy.

17) Weather: As much as we would like to control this we can’t, if school is cancelled due to weather we do not have practice. If you feel it is unsafe to go to one of our late practices then don’t go. We will do the best we can to contact those athletes if a practice is cancelled due to poor weather conditions that arrive after the school day ends.

Please check schedulesonline.org for meet updates.